Wonder4Dogs 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture

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Our exclusive Wonder4Dogs Daily 300mg CBD Supplement is the ideal blending of our organically grown CBD-rich Full Spectrum whole plant Cannabis extract oil and Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. Providing the health, wellness and nutritional properties of both oils in one, dispensed from an easy-to-measure graduated dropper, our formula provides the health benefits your pet deserves, consistently and reliably. All-natural ingredients with NO artificial colors or flavors.

Available in a 30ml/1oz tincture bottle with graduated dropper and retail box.

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$29.95 MSRP

IMPORTANT NOTE: At this time Wonder4Dogs is available ONLY through selected Cannabis Dispensaries and Pet Stores. Please visit for Store Locations and additional product information.


6 reviews for Wonder4Dogs 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture

  1. Ashley

    I have been giving my dogs this product for years and they now take it every night. It has mostly helped my pitbull with her arthritis issues. But I have also noticed my dogs being more calm overtime using these drops, they take it straight from the dropper!

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  2. Jonathan

    Dear Wonder Extracts, Just when I thought you could not possibly do even MORE for our family ( because your 1:1 Wonder Oil literally saved my own quality of life!) you once again swoop in and save the day. I’m literally getting teary-eyed as I write this. Our pup (she just turned 8) is more than a dog friend. She bonded very strongly with me as I went through heart failure and then eventually transplant. She is my emotional and mental support. She’s always here by my side, but when I’m down she steps up her presence. She is amazing. Sadly, she has had her share of health challenges. The list is long, but one of her biggest challenges is that she suffered a torn ACL a couple years ago. As a result she has some mobility issues and her front right paw has become deformed and she limps. (We did all we could after her injury. Surgery wasn’t an option as she is 125 lbs and the success rate for a dog that size was basically 50/50… so we bought a $1000.00 brace for her and did therapy and tried supplements) She has compensated for her rear leg injury by leaning heavily on her front leg. This has resulted in her paw becoming flattened and deformed. We had been buying a supplement for around $80 for a little over a 2 week supply and had seen a small improvement but nothing really significant. When we discovered that Wonder (who had saved my life!) made a product for dogs, we couldn’t get our hands on it fast enough. THIS product is amazing. My 8 year old Rottweiler, who has suffered a torn ACL and has some serious gut issues too, came BOUNDING down the stairs after about three days on this product! She ran to her favorite stuffed toy (which she always just snuggled with) and grabbed it, tossed it into the air and then played with it like that for at least five minutes! This puppy like behavior brought me and my wife to tears. We had been thinking she was nearing the end of days… she wasn’t walking much at all, mostly laying on her bed, and we could see the pain in her eyes… but after a few days on Wonder4Dogs she is BACK! Let me also say that we had tried several other CBD products for dogs and all were failures. They did nothing except give her the poops. I cannot stress enough that if your dog has any mobility issues, even just those that may come with age, you have GOT to try this product. And let me lastly add that we were spending more than 3x what this AMAZING product costs but were getting minimal help for her. Now, she is feeling so good and we are once again SO grateful to the folks at Wonder. We almost lost our pup but your product literally brought her back to us.
    Jonathan and Sandra

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  3. Bree Vail

    I am the proud owner of 2 rescue German Shepards. The problem was 1 dog had a territorial response that could not be softened, despite the dogs having almost an acre to patrol!
    They were able to cooperate, but in
    no way were they going to be friends.
    Well, Wonder4Dogs has changed all that.
    They now are much kinder to one another and can play in parallel.
    There seems to be a more comfortable pair of dogs, happier even!
    Perhaps, the older Shepard looks like she feels much better and is much more active, and of course loves the taste! They now can relax together when play time is done!
    They LOVE Wonder4Dogs, and so do We!!

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  4. Leslie York

    Can’t thank you enough for this product. My cockapoo is 10 years old and he is slowly starting to show his age in his back hips. My friend sent me your product. It has helped him feel better to he is taking his walks again with no issues. It is a blessing to find something that helps him and us not to feel useless

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  5. Theresa

    I got this for my 19 year old cat that has kidney issues. She was throwing up and didn’t have much of an appetite. Once I started her in this 1-drop 3-times a day. She stopped throwing up and started eating better. This medicine gave me at least 2-more months with her that I could be with her. Without that I know she would have passed a lot sooner. But it kept her alert and still wanting to live. I got it from a friend who recommended it who was giving it to her dogs. It also gave her a lot more time with them. My cat likes the taste never flinched when she saw the meds coming. I recommend it highly for sick kitties it does help them. May Smokey Rest In Peace now. Thank you for giving me more quality time with her.

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  6. Marcelle Kozocas

    My 6 year old Pitt/Rott mix started having hip and leg pain with a noticeable limp. Our pet store recommended Wonder4Dogs over some of the other products on the market, so we gave it a try. We noticed the difference in her ability to walk and even in her overall demeanor immediately. It was sad to see our very active dog frustrated by immobility. Would recommend this to any pet owner!

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