Dear Wonder Extracts, I use your 1:1 cannabis oil to make a cream for the neuropathy in my feet, legs and hands. It kills the debilitating pain like nothing else I have tried. We drive six hours round trip to buy it, because we live in a remote area, but it is well worth it! This medicine is not a nicety, it’s a necessity! Without the cream I can’t even walk more than a few feet. Your product is what makes the cream work. When I couldn’t find yours I bought other brands of similar product and they don’t compare. Yours is far superior for my pain.
Thanks for making a great product, it has quite literally saved me. You have given me back the quality of life that medical professionals told me I would likely never reclaim. Saying “Thank you” is not enough, not by a long shot, but my most heartfelt thank you for making an amazing, life-changing product. Your company is so aptly named! I tell everyone I encounter who is living with chronic pain about your products. (We have friends who are in their 80’s and suffer from arthritis and other joint related issues that cause them a great deal of pain. They took our advice and tried your product. They can’t stop raving about how great they feel and how they now include Wonder Oil as part of their daily routine for pain management.)
Kudos and hats off to you, Wonder Extracts. You saved my life.


Your 25:1 oil is a complete game changer for me. I have severe neuropathy on 75% of my body and your product is one of the only ways that I can get out of bed and be a physically functioning person. I work in a dispensary and have tried dozens of other CBD products, but nothing works as consistently and with as much efficacy as Wonder [apt name!] I recommend your products on a daily basis to my clients. Thank you for making such amazing and affordable products and please never stop selling it In gratitude,


To whom it may concern,
My name is J.R. Marks, and I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with a hyper aggressive form of soft tissue sarcoma in August of 2018. I started a chemotherapy regiment very quickly.

My prognosis looked extremely dim due to the size of the tumor, and the aggressiveness of the subtype Pleomoriphic Lyposarcoma.

I was having a difficult time with the side effects of chemotherapy. I had to close the doors to my business, and was losing health very quickly.

A friend recommended that I research the benefits of ingesting a specific form of cannabis extract he was aware of made by a bay area company named Wonder Extracts. I had found the Wonder Extracts product at a local dispensary and began using the product.

In what seemed like an hour or so I felt amazing! My nausea was gone! And I was able to interact with life and happily eat and digest a full meal!

A week later I had to visit with my oncologist to draw blood. I felt great as I was using the Wonder Extract product several times a day. When the results of my lab work came in my DR was happy to say that all of the numbers in my lab work were in PERFECT RANGE, I thought there was some sort of mistake, he assured me there were no mistakes in my labs.

I continued using the amazing product from Wonder Extracts and slowly increased the dose. The next week when I went in for chemotherapy I was excited to see where the numbers of my labs where, sure enough once again my labs where PERFECT, and I had NO side effects what so ever from the chemotherapy. No nausea, very little weakness, and I did have an appetite.

At my next MRI scan I was concerned that the tumor had grown. I was waiting for my DR to present me with the results, when he walked into the exam room he was smiling and informed me that my tumor was shrinking at a rapid rate. He claimed it to be a biological miracle as chemotherapy statistically does not do well with my specific diagnosis and subtype. However I knew I had an advantage and it was the Wonder Extract product I was using several times per day.

These results became a pattern, the results got better and better, including my immune system. I didn’t even catch a cold during my journey with chemotherapy.

A few surgeries later and now I am disease free! I still use the Wonder Extracts product as a preventive to new cancer cell growth. My DR still believes that I am a biological miracle, but I know that I am not a miracle. I am a person who was very lucky to have access to this amazing product, I shouldn’t be alive today. I owe my life to Wonder Extracts. Please keep doing what you do. It is saving lives. It absolutely saved mine.

God bless these amazing people.

J. R. Marks

Dear Wonder CBD,
I crashed racing my motorcycle on Nov. 18, 2018 at Buttonwillow Raceway. I suffered fractured vertebrae, two fractures on my left Fibula, a sprained ankle and strained my MCL and ACL, broke my right distal radius and I suffered a severe concussion.
When I got home out of the hospital I immediately administered myself with the Wonder tincture. I went from slurring my words to sounding completely normal in two days. I stayed on Wonder CBD throughout my recovery period. 6 weeks later when the doctor took the cast off my arm he said “ I know your young but the remodeling on your arm is amazing!” He did not recast my arm and said “ Just don’t fall on your arm in the next two weeks and you’re good to race again”. I highly recommend Wonder CBD. Thank you!

Brenden Ketelsen

Dear Wonder,
I wanted to share with you what your products have done for me,
My regiment is to use use all three of your RSO… the CBD 25:1, the THC and the 1:1….
After 120 days of 1 gram RSO daily (three years ago) I slowed down my terminal bladder cancer .. bcg, chemo, radical cystectomy… stopped chemo and radiation treatments as that was killing me quickly… 2+ years later…. i still take the wonder RSO oil…It has saved my life!
Thank you Wonder!

Robert C

Hi, Let me say I’m a big fan of your product , I’ve been traveling from Los Angeles to the Bay Area to find full spectrum oil for over 7 years now. On my last trip I found your product to be almost identical to what I used to purchase that came in a green or pink tube that I can no longer find . My girlfriend has been fighting colon/rectal cancer for the last 5 years and just recently has only been given only 6 months to live due to the chemo no longer working . This oil has helped her all along the way in more ways then we could’ve imagined or even describe , thank you for supplying this product for all that are in need of it .. Thank you , Chris and Amber

Chris and Amber

My name is Mark and in the summer of 2019 I found out that I had Prostate cancer. Not good news at all. They told me my PSA was 136 . I did have radiation last summer and taken recommended drugs.
However my friend Mike later informed me about the good effects of taken CBD in the morning and the 1:1 in the evening.
Since this time last summer my PSA has repeatedly dropped from 136 to 36 and then to 2.8 and further to 1.8 and now on my last visit to .08. My doctor wants to know what I’ve been doing. He says that’s a way beyond expectations! Thank you Wonder Extracts! Mark S.

Mark S.

To Wonder: I wanted to let you know your RSO oils have been shrinking my cancer tumors in my liver. I have proof on paper it’s working. Thank God and thank you Wonder extracts! Thank you for your time.


Dear Wonder Extracts: I have been taking CBD oil for 10 months. I have tried Wonder, and a few others. I like your product, and it is working for my severe psoriatic arthritis. I have not taken any vicodin or ibuprofen for 10 months, and no longer need to use a cane. So, I just want to stay informed of your products. Thank You!


Dear Wonder Extracts, So there I was, cruising along in my Interventional Cardiology Practice cocoon, helping those in front of me, those I could see having heart attacks in extremis, completely oblivious to the Endocannabinoid system. Then boom, blam, cancer came to visit.

I am trying to be completely open, Navy experience early in career, 30+ years frontline opening one artery after the other, recommending medicines and treatments to keep others out of the hospital to spend with family, friends, endeavors. The long and short of it is that Cannabis has helped me

survive the past five years. I have no miracles to discuss. I will say that bone pain is known to be extreme. After starting Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) that I have not had to increase the twice daily Morphine dose over the past three years. Rarely, if ever, am I required to take the “breakthrough”

Dilaudid for unexpected pain that period of time. So for chronic pain FECO has worked great for me. In addition 17 0f the 37 pounds returned (204 lbs. to 167 libs. Back to 184 lbs.) making me stronger and healthier. I took chemotherapy, FECO was a blessing, and have a supportive wife, family, and have

incredible treating physicians. The graphs I was shown five years ago, two years ago, and six months ago all suggested that four years ago, one and a half years ago, and four months ago, I was supposed to have been pushing up daisies. Just saying Wonder FECO helped with pain, rest, appetite, activity, improved functionality, “dealing with it”, so whether any of those benefits actually extended my time in this dimension…
Thank you Wonder extracts,

Dr. Jim Smith

To Wonder Extracts: I was unfortunately mis-diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer to then find out I had Hemochromatosis. This is an auto immune disease that attacks your organs because of high levels of iron. Long story short. I starting taking the Wonder 25:1 and 2:1 tinctures and they have greatly improved my overall health and fighting this condition.

Kim P.

Dear Wonder, you gave an owner extra time with her dog!! You gave me and my family extra time with our Kodi ! Our grandson got to know him!! And I KNOW without Wonder Cassie would not be walking and would be in tremendous pain. There aren’t enough words in any dictionary that could describe the gratitude in my heart for what you have done. Thank you! THANK you !! THANK YOU!!


Dear Wonder, sadly, my friend had to put her “Dollar” down yesterday.
But let me tell you, your Wonder worked wonderfully for him.
With Wonder, Dollar was able to get up, run around on 3 legs and go for small walks again. After a few days he was putting weight on the bad leg! Wonder allowed my friend to have her little dog around for 7 more wks! (Considering the vet thought she should put him down right away) This allowed her time to process and enjoy every last minute w him. She knew it was time yesterday and Dollar passed with dignity. Thank you for that, Tom.


Eleanor - follow up


Dear Wonder Extracts,

Just when I thought you could not possibly do even MORE for our family (because your 1:1 Wonder Oil literally saved my own quality of life!) you once again swoop in and save the day. I’m literally getting teary-eyed as I write this. Our pup (she just turned 8) is more than a dog friend. She bonded very strongly with me as I went through heart failure and then eventually transplant. She is my emotional and mental support. She’s always here by my side, but when I’m down she steps up her presence. She is amazing. Sadly, she has had her share of health challenges. The list is long, but one of her biggest challenges is that she suffered a torn ACL a couple years ago. As a result she has some mobility issues and her front right paw has become deformed and she limps. (We did all we could after her injury. Surgery wasn’t an option as she is 125 lbs and the success rate for a dog that size was basically 50/50… so we bought a $1000.00 brace for her and did therapy and tried supplements) Even with the brace she has compensated for her rear leg injury by leaning heavily on her front leg. This has resulted in her paw becoming flattened and deformed. We had been buying a supplement for about $80 a month and had seen a small improvement but nothing really significant. When we discovered that Wonder (who had saved my life!) made a product for dogs, we couldn’t get our hands on it fast enough. THIS product is amazing. My 8 year old Rottweiler, who has suffered a torn ACL and has some serious gut issues too, came BOUNDING down the stairs after about three days on this product! She ran to her favorite stuffed toy (which she always just snuggled with) and grabbed it, tossed it into the air and then played with it like that for at least five minutes! This puppy like behavior brought me and my wife to tears. We had been thinking she was nearing the end of days… she wasn’t  walking much at all, mostly laying on her bed, and we could see the pain in her eyes…  but after a few days on Wonder4Dogs she is BACK! Let me also say that we had tried several other CBD products for dogs and all were failures. They did nothing except give her the poops. I cannot stress enough that if your dog has any mobility issues, even just those that may come with age, you have GOT to try this product. And let me lastly add that we were spending more than 3x what this AMAZING product costs but were getting minimal help for her. Now, she is feeling so good and we are once again SO grateful to the folks at Wonder. We almost lost our pup but your product literally brought her back to us.


Jonathan and Sandra Ford

Wonder #feco is a life saving natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. I treat chronic pain from spinal fusion, ADHD, CPTSD, anxiety and Glaucoma with Wonder 1:1 RSO instead of Oxycodone, Ritalin, Valium, mood stabilizers, antidepressants and all the other meds for their side effects. I was lifeless 397lb zombie. Now I’m down 202 lbs, and all my other symptoms are well managed with this one responsible, ethical and compassionate product. I’ve been using it for years. ‘Wonder’ful people behind this ‘Wonder’ful medicine. I remain grateful.💚✨🌿🙋🏻‍♀️🚫💊