3 gram 25:1 CBD Full Spectrum Cannabis OIl MSRP $79.99

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This is our Full Spectrum 25:1 CBD Cannabis oil, most commonly used for anxiety, pain, inflammation, and general wellness. Like all our Full Spectrum oils, it is one of the most versatile cannabis products available today. Ideally taken sublingually (under the tongue), it can also be taken orally, filled into gel capsules, smoked, used in food recipes, added to suppositories, applied topically by itself or mixed with your favorite lotion, etc.
As this is a CBD dominant blend, it has NO PSYCHOACTIVE EFFECT and is ideal for those who prefer to not be high.
Available in a 3 gram applicator and childproof resealable packaging.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Wonder Extracts products are available ONLY at Licensed California Cannabis Dispensaries. Any attempts to order online cannot be honored per US Federal laws and regulations.

MSRP $79.99 plus applicable taxes

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      4 reviews for 3 gram 25:1 CBD Full Spectrum Cannabis OIl MSRP $79.99

      1. MAY CHANG

        AMAZING!!! I was diagnosed with Lupus about a year ago and it has help me with all my stiffness and pain. I no longer have to take anymore of the medications which make my stomach upset all day. I am grateful to have been introduced to this. I love the wonder 25-1 tincture as well. I started with that and decided to try this one. I no longer have arthritis in my joints and can function like a human being again. I been a hairdresser for about 28 years and the thought of giving up what I love to do was devastating. Using this product has help me still do what I love to do!!!!

        • wcdadmin

          Thanks for your review!

      2. Sophis kern

        I’ve has 2 back surgeries and I still suffer from chronic pain. I take this CBD FULL SPECTRUM oil on a piece of bread. It’s the only thing that really helps with pain.
        Wonder produces the best product!’

        • wcdadmin

          Thanks for your review!

      3. Christina Dorsey

        Incredible product!! I have been using this and the High THC one for a couple years and I firmly believe that it is the top natural remedy that I used to beat my stage 3 breast cancer. My doctors were astounded that it had vanished without chemo or radiation. I am so thankful that I discovered RSO and wonder extracts is by far my favorite brand I’ve tried.

        • wcdadmin

          Thanks for your review!

      4. Melissa Bukosky

        Wonder extracts are the best I’ve ever used. I have several chronic health conditions that the CBD makes bearable. It is amazing medicine. In rural areas it can be hard to get but it is worth the road trip.

        • wcdadmin

          Thanks for your review!

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