Nano-Emulsified 600mg 25:1 CBD Full Spectrum Tincture

Nano-Emulsified 600mg 25:1 CBD Full Spectrum Tincture

Introducing our new Nano-Emulsified 600mg 25:1 CBD Full Spectrum Tincture. Based on our high-CBD dominant strains, we employ our state-of-the-art process using high-powered ultrasonic liquid processors to effectively reduce the cannabinoid molecules down to nano-sized, sub-micron particles. Our “Nano-Emulsification” process means you’ll experience an impressive increase in overall efficacy, offering up to 5x absorption rates, greatly enhanced bio-availability, rapid onset, and a predictable and consistent effect.

Our Nano-Emulsified 25:1 CBD tincture is most commonly used for anxiety, pain, inflammation, and general wellness. It’s best taken orally on gums, or sublingually (under the tongue) and allowed to secrete into the salivary glands for a minute or so before swallowing. Doing so enables direct absorption in through the salivary glands, bypassing the liver, and more directly into the bloodstream. We’ve found this to be the most efficient and effective way to ingest cannabis tinctures.

As this is a CBD dominant blend, it has NO PSYCHOACTIVE EFFECT and is ideal for those who prefer to NOT be high.

Available in a 30ml/1oz tincture bottle with dropper and retail box.

MSRP $49.99 plus applicable taxes

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