3 gram THC Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil

3 gram THC Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil

This is our Indica dominant, Full Spectrum High THC oil, also known as RSO. It’s commonly used for pain, insomnia, inflammation, appetite enhancement, and as a general relaxant. Like all Wonder Extracts Full Spectrum oils, it is one of the most versatile cannabis products available today. Ideally taken sublingually (under the tongue), it can also be taken orally, filled into gel capsules, smoked, used in food recipes, added to suppositories, applied topically by itself or mixed with your favorite lotion, etc. This oil is best for people who are okay with being high and/or can tolerate the psychoactive effects of THC.

Available for medical use in a 3 gram applicator and resealable childproof packaging.

MSRP $79.99 plus applicable taxes

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Wonder Extracts products are available ONLY at Licensed California Cannabis Dispensaries. Any attempts to order online cannot be honored per US Federal laws and regulations.

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      2 review for 3 gram THC Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil

      1. Kenneth

        I deal with several disabilities from the military, most cause some sort of pain, and I usually require a high dose of homemade edibles to achieve a state of normalcy. Along with pain I deal with PTSD, and this RSO allows for quick dosage when edibles are not an option, especially if Im out and about (which has been very limited lately). The RSO was strong and definitely relieved the pain enough for me to be productive, and a quick glob under the tongue works great. Will definitely purchase again.

      2. Bree-Anna Vail

        I am a 2-time ovarian cancer conqueror! I’ve endured many surgeries and digestive issues, the biggest of which is intestinal blockages. After 22 tumors were removed during my last surgical go round, I had been searching for a THC product that actually helps. Now my appetite has gotten better, but most of all I am able to be more active because of the dramatic drop in abdominal pain! My body feels like I am a pillow case full of kittens and they are ripping up my insides, but with the Magic Oil the kittens take a nap! The oil has been a tremendous blessing to me! I can sleep, and have way less nausea each day! Thank you for this miracle product, it enhances my life dramatically simply by enabling me to eat and go potty in the correct order!